InterbadNews from Interbad which, according to the organizers, expects more than 420 companies, from 15 to 18 October 2008.

A special exhibition is being staged at the interbad 2008. It is the result of an architect and designer workshop held in Bali and organised by sauna and spa specialist Klafs in conjunction with the architecture magazine AIT.
The challenges facing the workshop organisers were defined as: daring to look into the future of the spa.
Eleven architects from seven countries delivered personal interpretations of the “spa” topic and their creations offered a fascinating insight into the future of the spa sector.

The product innovations and the programme of supporting events are complemented by the congress staged to accompany the interbad. The congress adds a positive momentum to the event and offers an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas. The congress invites you to attend interesting lectures and topical discussions as part of the symposiums “public swimming pools”, “saunas”, “physiotherapy” and “swimming pool staff”.

Spa MarketA further highlight of the interbad is the Spa Market Conference, which is aimed at owners, specialist staff and managers of wellness hotels, health spas, day and city spas, as well as students from the tourism/wellness sector. The lectures, discussions and workshops are being organised by the specialist publisher “Spa Business”, which will be addressing the topics “spa world”, “spa education & spa figures”, “spa architecture & spa design”, “spa business & spa marketing”, “staff & quality” and will be introducing examples of best practice.