Piscine GlobalFor this eagerly awaited 2014 edition, the Piscine Global exhibition is adopting a new positioning, bringing together under one unifying brand all the professionals of the sector, so as to offer both French and international visitors an extensive range of solutions for the construction, maintenance and renovation of pools and spas, whether private or public.


The key themes of this international event will focus on:

- the process of renovation, supported by conferences;

- development and effective sales promotion in showrooms, a subject further motivated by a competition for the most beautiful showroom;

- the winning tandem pool constructor / landscape gardener for a comprehensive development of outdoor spaces,

- and the vast subject of public swimming pools, under the aegis of the Aqualie area, combined with visits, conferences and workshops.


The visitors, expected in growing numbers, will be able to enjoy the many attractions at the exhibition, with the usual area dedicated to innovations, centred on the Top 100, Pool Eco Attitude and their awards.


Visitors will enjoy demonstrations of products in real life conditions on Piscine Water Tests space.


The International Pool Vision contest, in partnership with Archiworld, will club together a selection of 6 projects from the Middle East area (selected during the Piscine Middle East exhibition), 6 projects distinguished in the Asian area (selected during the Piscine SPLASH! Asia Exhibition), and 12 projects for the rest of the world. This will culminate in an awards ceremony on 19th November, with prizes awarded for pools that are technically or aesthetically outstanding.


An “Export” circuit will be organized to guide international visitors to companies that serve their client area. The lunch, as is the custom, will include chairs and representatives from international pool and spa industry federations.