There are times when the use of “traditional” materials, such as reinforced concrete or steel, may not be the ideal solution in terms of cost, time and adaptability to an existing situation, especially if the need for intervention is at the start of the swimming season and the customer is the prestigious Hotel Atlantico in Jesolo, Venice.

This is exactly the niche market that Preformati Italy is targeting with its innovative Pool in Pool technology, of which this pool is a perfect example: a structure in EPS designed specifically for children and installed over an existing pool without the need for any demolition work.



The small swimming pool, built in collaboration with Minetto Piscine (Jesolo), is surrounded by steps with large shaped handrails.

The pool is structured on two levels: an outer, slightly sloping level, which ensures a smooth and gradual entry into the water, and an inner, deeper hexagonal level that can be used as a comfortable seat, ideal for relaxing.

Why EPS?
• Because no traditional solution would have been feasible without the costly demolition and refilling of the existing pool. Even the construction of a shell in reinforced concrete would have led to similar problems, which would have affected the cost and timing of the installation.

• From the point of view of structural integrity, it is important to note that the swimming pool is located on the roof of the hotel car park, therefore it could not be burdened with excessive loads: thanks to the lightweight nature of the materials used, we were able to comply with this requirement.

• Finally, the use of EPS allowed complete freedom in the design of the pool, enabling the creation of particular elements, such as the walls at the entrance to the pool.