The arena for the swimming event in Japan during the 72nd National Athletic Meet was a temporary pool "made in Italy", designed by Myrtha Pools.


Myrtha Pools in Japan

This annual event, held from September 10 to 17, involved athletes of all ages and took place in Ehime Prefecture, one of the southernmost parts of Japan.


For the first time in the history of this event, competitions held in a city that currently does not have proper facilities to host this kind of event. For this reason the committee chose Myrtha Pools, which thanks to its technology, is able to complete the temporary pool in a very short time.

The pool is 50×25 meters, is 2 meters deep and provides all the special features typical of a Myrtha: self-supporting structure, design flexibility, micrometric precision, compliance with all standards and norms, fast track installation and minimum maintenance.

The Myrtha team completed the 72nd National Athletic Meet pool in only 3 weeks, performing the installation at the Matsuyama Aqua Pallette parking lot, one of the most important sports venues in Matsuyama, Ehime's capital.


Myrtha Pools in Japan

At the end of the event, the temporary pool was dismantled by returning the parking lot to its original function. This represents one of the great benefits of Myrtha technology. In fact, thanks to its stainless steel modular panels, a Myrtha pool can be easily installed inside or outside a stadium or sports arena in a very short time, without any anchors to the floor and with a quick dismantling right after the end of the event.


Myrtha Pools in Japan

This is indeed the case of this swimming pool which, after the 72nd National Athletic Meet, was dismantled to be permanently re-installed in Uchiko City, this time with new dimensions: 50 x 17 x 1.20 meters.

Creating temporary pools - as well as permanent ones - is usual now for Myrtha Pools. In fact all major International swimming competitions choose Myrtha as preferred technology. An adventure began with the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 and continued over the years with Beijing 2008, London 2012 and the latest Rio de Janeiro 2016.