A French manufacturer of polyester pool shells

Aboral Piscines is a French family company that has been designing and manufacturing polyester pool shells for more than 10 years. 

Increased production capacity

Twenty-six models in all, enabling no less than 624 combinations to create customised pools.  In 2018, its meteoric growth (32%), boosted in particular by four new successful models - Maatea, Papeete, Maupihaa and Maea - with their contemporary shapes and very well equipped, encouraged the company to expand.  In 2019, a new factory of 4000 m² was therefore built from scratch and inaugurated near Bordeaux (France).

It features state-of-the-art equipment (fully automated robot for spraying Gelcoat), a chamber with advanced humidity control, optimised management of materials and production processes, etc.  An investment to reduce the manufacturing circuit to the minimum, and above all, to increase production capacity.

An overall development

Today, Aboral Piscines is able to produce 2500 monocoque pools (at full capacity).  The pools are very well equipped thanks to several partnerships with companies such as Fluidra, Maytronics and APF, to cater to a demanding clientele.

The overall development of the company continued with the acquisition of three new long-range truck cranes to expand its fleet of vehicles.  Its dealership network is growing fast too, with a target on recruiting 40 resellers by 2021!  These already participate actively in the growing outreach of the shell pool brand in France and Europe.

Magasin pilote Aboral Piscines