[Press Release February 14, 2020]

The global leader in the pool and wellness equipment market acquires the Australian electronics designer and manufacturer 

Fluidra integrates complete electronics design and manufacturing solutions

Fluidra, the global leader in the pool and wellness equipment business, has acquired Australian manufacturer Fabtronics to strengthen its R&D capabilities and to incorporate complete, efficient and cost-effective electronics design and manufacturing solutions. The purchase price for 80% of the shares was AUD 15M, with an implicit price for 100% of AUD 18.75M. The agreed takeover also includes a set of earn-outs to take place during the following three calendar years.

Fabtronics has a high-tech PCB (Printed Circuits Boards) design and manufacturing factory

Fabtronics is based in Melbourne, close to Fluidra's main manufacturing facility, and includes a team of c.45 people as well as a state-of-the-art PCB design and manufacturing plant of over 3,000 sqm. The company features an annual turnover and EBITDA of AUD 18M and AUD 6M respectively. In the past 15 years, Fabtronics provided research and development support to Fluidra's Australian business and played a key role in many significant products, establishing itself as one of the leading electronic designers in the country.

Many of Fluidra's products designed and manufactured in Australia, like the fswimming pool filtration pumps Viron and EQ chlorinators, which Fabtronics assisted in designing and developing, have gone on to be sold throughout the world via Fluidra's global network.

Increased R&D capabilities to accelerate innovation in the pool and spa industry

Fluidra australia MD, Stephen Matysiak said:

This acquisition strengthens Fluidra's position worldwide, helping us expand our R&D capabilities and enabling us to accelerate innovation to meet local market needs

Fluidra is committed to expanding its portfolio of technologies with acquisitions tailored to growing the business, like Fabtronics, which has been an essential R&D contributor in the region.

* (in the above picture: Stephen Matysiak is the Managing Director of Southern hemisphere for Fluidra - Rod Briggs and Frank Harris are the co-founders of Fabtronics and manage the company.)