For this article about the aquanale 2009 edition, Eurospapoolnews - the trade fair's official media partner - has searched high and low in the aquanale archives to document with data, information and photos what distinguished the 4th edition of this event.

The 4th edition of aquanale

The new layout of the exhibition halls made it possible to group together visitors from both the public and private swimming pools sectors

The 2009 edition of aquanale , the International Trade Fair for Swimming pool, Sauna and Wellness, stood out for the new layout of the exhibition halls and an excellent connection between exhibitors at aquanale in halls 10.1 and 10.2 with exhibitors from the public swimming pools sector at FSB, the International Trade Fair for Public Space, Sports and Leisure Facilities, making it possible to place the 350 companies or so from the swimming pool and sauna sectors even closer to the centre of attention of all visitors to both trade fairs.

The results of a survey which visitors took at the time show that these changes met with widespread approval. Approximately 75% of those interviewed in 2009 stated they were either very satisfied or satisfied of having reached visitor targets. Following the constantly positive rating of the event, 88% of visitors interviewed were said to be willing to recommend a business partner visited the event.

The fact that there were more municipal swimming pool managers attending than in previous years, and that the level of international reach was also high, is definitely also ascribable to the grouping of the area dedicated to swimming pools and saunas at aquanale and at FSB, which was advertised in a much more detailed way at global level, targeting visitors prior to the event. "It was one of the best events since aquanale began. Specifically, there was a generous participation by an extraordinarily high quality of national and international visitors," stated Bert Granderath, then vice-chairman of the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA) and vice-chairman of bsw as well as Managing Director of grando GmbH when summing up the 2009 edition of aquanale.

Der bsw-Energieguide für Privatkunden feierte auf der aquanale 2009

bsw's energy guide for private customers was presented for the first time at aquanale 2009. The leaflet illustrates how to transform a private swimming pool into a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly oasis for swimming and leisure activities, with a professional design. In the meantime, the guide has become an absolute best-seller among bsw's publications.

Steel tubs were a hot topic across the entire calendar of events

Topics such as "energy efficiency and sustainability" and "safety and technology" have always been high on the list during the Swimming Pool and Wellness Forum, especially for the public swimming pools sector. A special event was dedicated to stainless steel, a material which at the time was celebrating exactly forty years of use in municipal swimming pools.

bsw, the concept sponsor of aquanale, attended with a brand-new booth, developed in partnership with experts in trade fair outfitting at Cologne Exhibition Centre, bringing together the visitors area (reception desk, seating and kitchen included) with a functional conference room featuring a modern design. A special highlight of the new trade fair booth was the presentation of the winners of the bsw homepage awards: Starke GmbH, Reps GmbH, Hesselbach GmbH, Wals GmbH and Jörg Schneider GmbH.

Gewinner der bsw-Homepage Awards

In its booth, bsw also presented the winners of the bsw homepage awards to around 24,000 visitors in 2009

bsw's energy guide for private swimming pools makes its début at aquanale

A new bsw publication was also presented in the trade fair booth, intended for end customers, and it proved enormously successful with companies specialising in the construction of bsw swimming pools, who have been using it since during their consulting activities. bsw's energy guide provides an overview of the various solutions to manage a private swimming pool in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way.

aquanale celebrates its 10th edition in 2021

The next aquanale will be held from the 26th to the 29th of October 2021. It will be the 10th aquanale trade fair. So the globally acclaimed trade fair of the swimming pool and wellness industry will be celebrating a special jubilee.

The international trade fair for Sauna.Pool.Ambience will be held in halls 7 and 8 of the Koelnmesse in October 2021. The themes will be private swimming pools, public swimming pool construction, swimming pool technology, public and private saunas and spas and green living. The 2021 aquanale plans to build upon the outstanding success of the trade fair held in November 2019: the international influence of the 2019 event was greater than ever and the quality of both supply and demand was unprecedented. Almost 28,000 visitors from 128 countries attended the fair to inspect the range of services provided by 281 exhibiting companies from 31 countries.

bsw aquanale-Messestand 2009

In 2009 too, there were no complaints from bsw about the number of guests and visitors who came to their booth at aquanale