Today, with the increasing importance of environmental issues in the pool and spa sector, Warmpac, the specialist in technical and connectable pool equipment, is demonstrating its commitment to eco-responsibility. In this video interview, Bernard Philippe, founder of Warmpac, shares his vision for a more eco-responsible pool and presents the manufacturer's different solutions to meet these challenges and its customers' needs. 

Warmpac's useful and practical solutions for more economical and environmentally-friendly pools

Ecology is at the heart of our lives, but what are the challenges to overcome when we speak of eco-responsible pools?

Bernard Philippe: We already use pools a little differently than 20 years ago, and the crises related to water, energy and inflation have accelerated our awareness of poor practices. We are effectively heading more and more towards eco-responsible pools. Warmpac and other manufacturers have not waited for these crises in order to provide our customers with useful and practical solutions.

Can you give us an overview of the specific solutions that Warmpac currently offers? 

Bernard Philippe: All our W ranges offer many solutions, but our eco-responsible approach begins in our design office, which has the particularity of being able to measure the performance of the various materials that exist on the market. This enables us to offer products that are ever more 'eco', as in economical and ecological, while maintaining a high level of performance.

For our heat pump ranges, our thermal balance, a tool that is frequently used and applauded by our customers, enables customers to choose the right product according to how they wish to use their pool. We have recently developed SAVVY, which offers controlled spa heating via a heat pump.

We also offer a wide range of cartridge filters in response to the water crisis. The S4S is a device that transforms a single-speed filter pump into a variable-speed pump, which means significant savings for the customer. Lastly, our global EZPool EVO automation solution provides responses for the pools of tomorrow.

S4S Warmpac

The S4S

What software solutions does Warmpac offer? 

Bernard Philippe: We have three main software solutions. Firstly, thanks to our design office we have been able to master all our firmware, and therefore the electronics embedded in our products, to create products with ever greater performance and which are better equipped and better adapted to our customers' needs.

We also have the in-house capacity to create our own applications. The latest WPool application connects the heat pump and guides the user towards best practices, as well as helping professionals with their choices. It enables professionals to supervise their portfolio of machines but also to access information and continuous training concerning these products. Our online after-sales service enables professionals to make only one visit in case of a breakdown. Why? Because thanks to this connectivity and this application, 100% of the diagnoses can be performed remotely, which not only enhances their image with respect to the customer, but also enables them to save time and thus obtain a more satisfactory carbon footprint.

Finally, our open and universal EZPool EVO system simplifies and optimises the operation of all the devices in the technical room. Designed and manufactured in France, it is an infinitely scalable technical base thanks to over-the-air updates.



What are the future prospects in terms of training and events? 

Bernard Philippe: Training remains at the heart of our concerns. We train our customers either on our premises, through training centres or directly on our customers' premises.

This approach enables us to orient them towards best practices and the reality of what we have been able to offer the sector. It is all the more important for our customers who have difficulty recruiting qualified staff. They need us to help and support them through this continuous training.

The Lyon trade fair will soon be here and we have worked hard to be able to present new products on all our ranges that respond to all the challenges of the sector. We invite you to visit us at our stand to discover all these creations. 

SAVVY Warmpac

SAVVY of Warmpac