Pool filter specialist CPA Ltd offers a range of pool filtration units covering the vast majority of requirements. The models come ready to use and include housing, reinforced fiberglass shells, easy access, functional anti-skid lids with hinged opening and a security key.

For the compact swimming pool filtration unit with in-ground housing there is a range of 12 models from 6 to 40 m3/h:

•    The Spa Series for hydro massage and counter swimming system or filtration unit up to 6 m3/h
•    Big Mac up to 14 m3/h
•    Sixteen, Arco up to 22 m3/h
•    Roc up to 22 m3/h
•    Convenient up to 22 m3/h
•    Hellio up to 30 m3/h
•    Globe up to 44 m3/h
•    Master up to 26 m3/h in compliance with standard U.N.I. 10637
•    Atlantic up to 40 m3/h in compliance with standard U.N.I. 10637






Pre-Assembled Filtration Units include the Nettuno (for domestic pools) up to 22 m3/h, and Urano (commercial pools). They can handle different filtering technologies: quartz sand with controlled size particle, glass sand, cartridge, and bag filter.


Standard equipment includes sand filter with six-way valve for filtering and backwashing operations (automatic version available); pump complete with pre-filter basket; electrical control panel with built-in timer and simplified plug system; chemical dosing systems: pH and chlorine control; pre-equipped for remote control; solvent and threaded unions to quickly connect the filtration unit to the pool water circulation system; internal water distribution circuit with ball valves to adjust and control the inlet and outlet lines: skimmer, wall or floor inlets, ground drainage and vacuum hose.

All filtration units can be custom-designed using components from different brands as specified by the client.