Albixon BoxIn order to provide great functionning high quality swimming pool enclosures and ease of product assembly to its customers, ALBIXON introduces ALBIXON BOX.


This exclusive patent allows minimising transportation costs for the delivery of telescopic pool enclosures.


Thanks to this concept, the company exports its products to 50 countries around the world.

Its authorised dealers are thoroughly trained and two people are able to install the enclosure in an average time of just 100 minutes! Each box contains a detailed picture manual, so swimming pools can be literally now be covered by everyone!

Albixon BoxALBIXON have more than 800 units of the enclosure ready for distribution. Shipping in the boxes has several advantages: mainly, protection during transportation, easy handling, lowered transport costs and the ability to ship up to 80 boxes in 1 lorry or container.

ALBIXON is also able to manufacture custom/non-standard typical enclosures upon request.