Pool Technology offers innovative solutions that facilitate pool maintenance while preserving the environment. Specializing in the manufacture of automatic water treatment systems for over 20 years, Pool Technology makes it a point to always take the environment into account and in fact has made it the core of its continuous improvement strategy.





Pool Technology is engaged in an eco-design approach: Quality of materials, reduction of the number of components, improvement in product performance, minimising volume to optimize transportation, etc. The idea is to do less but far better! The result is durable products that one can keep for a long time, intelligent products that are increasingly effective! With eco-friendly products, you get more for your money and ensure respect for the planet at the same time!

The various distinctions received during the last two LYON exhibitions recognize POOL TECHNOLOGY's resolutely eco-innovative qualities. Best sellers: POOLSQUAD®, MINISALT®, JUSTSALT®.