hth® has created a range of products specially adapted to spa water, to purify, balance, protect and perfume this water.
In addition to the benefits of hydrotherapy massages, aromatherapy enhances the spa experience with specially selected fragrances: soothing, relaxing, toning, revitalising.


The new hth® spa fragrances, Parfum Vanille (Captivating) – Parfum Oriental (Heady), Parfum Fruits Rouges (Delectable), have been specially created for use in spa water without changing its pH balance.

Parfum de Spa


For special occasions (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, etc.) hth® has created an amber fragrance, seductive, subtle and refined, softened by flowery notes that rise from the core of the composition. The powdery formula of Love Is In The Spa will delicately complement romantic «spa» evenings.

Lastly, this year the 10ml spa perfume sachets are packed by 10 and presented in a case, with 4 new perfume compositions: Fleur de Néroli, Fleur d’Agrumes, Fruits Rouges, Oriental. Dosage: 1 sachet for 2 m3 of water.