A unique spa cover solution on the market

T&A, a Belgian company manufacturing automatic covers, presented its new invention: the RollOver. This high-end automatic cover for above ground and integrated spas is a unique solution on the market. Watch the video of Toon Vervoort's interview in Barcelona

Compatible with all types of spa

The patented drivetrain avoids the risk of damaging or scratching the spa, as the slats are laid down as the cover moves along the spa. The cover unrolls automatically using no ropes nor rails, making its installation very easy and an adaptation to virtually every model of spa on the market.

A very easy to use system

Another advantage: the cover is operated via key switch, very simple to use and ensuring safety for children. The base of the slat is made from silicone rubber and thus water-repellent. It guarantees the good insulation of a hermetically sealed spa. Moreover, the RollOver stays clean because algae get no chance to grow on the bottom of the cover.

T&A also offers a solution for swim spas integrated into the terrace. In this version, the technology is slightly different: the bench that carries the slats drives over the swim spa to the other side and places the slats down one by one.

RollOver thus ensures the safety, insulation and cleanliness of the spa.

couverture automatique pour spa RollOver T&A