A new range of disinfectant tablets with many advantages

CTX Professional has recently launched its innovative range of patented disinfection tablets PUREDROP® TECHNOLOGY for pools, made without boric acid.  

A range without boric acid. 

Boric acid is an endocrine disruptor for humans. It is a component that usually enters into the compaction of water treatment tablets. Puredrop® Technology is produced without boric acid. 

A longer duration of action

Puredrop® Technology tablets are high quality and slow-dissolving and their action outperforms traditional tablets by around 50%. The release of chlorine is controlled, preventing excess disinfectant that is potentially harmful to the swimmer.

Savings water and products

In addition, the additive in the tablets does not leave any waste behind as they are completely soluble in water. A treatment that allows real bathing comfort by taking care of water as well as bathers, while offering savings in water and complementary treatment products.