Quick measurement of pool water parameters

A reliable technology used for public swimming pools

The Scuba II by Lovibond® is a versatile pool professional who swims, dives - and also brings an additional fun factor to the pool. Incidentally, controlling the water quality with the Scuba II is also fun: the electronic measuring device handles the analysis with ease, quickly and reliably. Because the ergonomic little pool helper has it all. He analyzes the pool water with a similar technology as the water test devices for public swimming pools.

How to use the pooltester Scuba II?

Simply immerse, fill the sample chamber with pool water, add the appropriate reagent tablet and press the "Test" button - the result flashes on the display. This means that demanding pool owners immediately have the values for the most important parameters in their hands, from pH to free chlorine and total chlorine and bromine to alkalinity and cyanuric acid. Everyone needs them to properly dose the water care products and to keep water hygiene under control - for people and materials. By the way, Lovibond® measures sustainably with "Green Chemistry", the award-winning environmentally and health-friendly reagents. 

Lovibond® now also shows how exactly to use the Scuba II electronic pooltester to check the water quality in a pool with its own video tutorials. The range of videos on Lovibond® test instruments is constantly being expanded.