Water Beck offers a new above -ground frame with many configuration options.

Compact, easy to assemble and to implement individually

These are the advantages offered by the new above-ground frame by WaterBeck, the specialist for tailor-made automated swimming pool covers. It allows pool owners to individually configure their swimming pool cover and, thanks to its low weight, the frame is also a costeffective alternative to pre-welded constructions.

Very easy to assemble

The new above-ground frame by WaterBeck can be partially or fully clad by each pool owner according to their own design. As the frame is dispatched in a package as a compact assembly kit, transport costs are also much lower than with conventional constructions.

The new product from WaterBeck is very easy to assemble and is made of extremely solid, watertight stainless steel. To attach the cladding easily, the frames are predrilled every 50 mm. Further drill-holes enable the installation of anchors, via which the frame can be firmly connected to the floor. The wide stand also ensures greater stability. The new above-ground frame by WaterBeck is available from swimming pool dealers.