Wonder UV has been manufacturing UV water sterilizer systems in China since 2002. The company offers a global choice of 300 high-quality UV models for customers in multiple fields.

UV water sterilizer systems

All of their products are CE and UL certificated. Their PVC Series Products are used in swimming pools, SPAs, hot springs, in seawater and for drinking water and have been exported to over 50 countries and areas around the world, including UK, France, Czech Republic, Russia, USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and Southeast Asia. The company has two factories, one in Johor, Malaysia and one in Guangdong, China.

Wonder UV's ultraviolet disinfection technology has low running and maintenance costs.

The company recommends to clean quartz sleeves every three months, and change ultraviolet lamps every year, while ballasts should be replaced every three years.

As Ultraviolet disinfection technology does not add chemicals to the water, it has no impact on the environment. Meanwhile, it can destroy pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, and virus in about 1-5 seconds, when it takes other chemical methods such as Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide or Ozone about 30 minutes or more to reach the same result. As the Ultraviolet equipment requires little space and is easy to install, minimal plant room space is required.

Wonder UV