French company Bio-Pool presents two new salt electrolysers that meet the needs of pools up to 140 m3

The new Revolusel

The fruit of over 20 years of expertise in pool water treatment, the new Revolusel is an elegant electrolyser that is recommended for pools from 30 to 140 m3. It provides complete and powerful salt treatment with numerous functions: easy production adjustment, overdosing protection, automatic polarity inversion, shutter contact, flow detector. A LowSalt model (2 g/L) is available in addition to the standard 4.5 g/L models. For greater flexibility, the cell can be selected for T, in-line or U mounting.


The Blueswim SoftSalt

The other new item, the Blueswim SoftSalt, brings together all the expertise of the ACWA group (Bio-Pool, WA Conception and ACIS) to offer a Bluetooth® connected electrolyser that can be controlled via the free Blueswim smartphone application. Users can also control their water treatment via a control unit with a colour LCD screen to access the numerous features available. The advantages: adjustment of production (from 1.5 g/L to 4.5 g/L, depending on the model), pH and/or chlorine, Rx/pH (depending on the model), 30-day measurement history, etc. This device is suitable for pools from 40 to 60 m3 and comes with an in-line cell.