ALBIXON has been manufacturing swimming pools and swimming pool enclosures for 30 years, using the latest trends in technology and design.


These products include pools with QBIG BENEFIT elaborate technology, which are manufactured without exterior ribbing, but instead with 25cm thermal formwork. This serves not only as a structural element of the pool, but also as an insulating element. Thanks to this solution, the construction work is accelerated significantly (1 day), as the concrete can be poured in layers around the entire perimeter of the structure all at once. The technology enables wintering without the necessity of draining the entire pool. QBIG BENEFIT pools thus conserve water.

A complete pool set from with an enclosure and technology shaft or wall

It is possible to purchase a complete pool set from with an enclosure and technology shaft or wall, fully equipped with all the necessary pool technology. Albixon offers, among other equipment, salt chlorinators, for soft, odourless and environmentally friendly water.

The OXILIFE salt chlorine generator uses water hydrolysis and salt electrolysis with only low water salinity of 1.5 g/l to produce a smaller amount of chlorine. Another type of salt chlorine generator, the HIDROLIFE, uses only the principle of electrolysis - minimum level of 3.5 g/l - and ensures harmless water even in the case of extensive use and high-water temperatures.

Both types of salt chlorine generators check and automatically make adjustments to the pool water, including its pH.

The wireless Wi-Fi connection allows the user to monitor the pool's current condition, turn on/off the filtration, control the heat pump, pool lights and control up to four additional appliances and view detailed statistics on the pool's operation.