iQmfort is a complete solution of intelligent Peraqua® pool technology for fully automatic pool control. With the automation of the pool technology, you can achieve long-lasting, hygienically clean pool water - the principle for sustainability, safety and hygiene in daily pool operation. 

Who doesn't want an all-in-one solution for the pool?

Good, networked control technology for the pool saves the pool owner a lot of time, is energy-efficient and contributes to sustainable operation. With the right pool technology, there are many possibilities for automation. Filter & filter pump, skimmer with level sensor, EO510 electrical fittings, dosing system/salt electrolysis system, underwater lighting and heat pump can be connected to the new Control-P6 control system and enable completely automatic control of the pool. 

iQmfort, the complete solution of intelligent Peraqua® pool technology

The heart of the iQmfort pool is the Aquastar® Control-P6, which can be used to control many functions of the entire pool technology:

  • Automation of backwash and filter times with user-friendly weekly schedule
  • Level control for automatic regulation of the water level in the pool
  • The pool is automatically heated or cooled via the target temperature in automatic mode of the Smart heat pump.
  • Measurement and automatic control of ORP and pH based on real-time data
  • And much more

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Make your pool automatic

For automatic pool operation, it is primarily important to expand the manual 6-way backwash valve (1 ½", 2" and 3") with the Aquastar® Control-P6. Like all Aquastar® models, this new pool control can also be very easily mounted on the valve. Two free relays and digital inputs enable flexible integration of other pool technology.