Presented in 2021, the full CF Group solution for pool water filtration, analysis and treatment has evolved for the 2023 season towards a new Inline version. The multi-equipment Watercom Vitalia salt electrolysis unit meets a growing new trend on the private pool market.

The new Inline version : full salt electrolysis treatment

The compact base plate now has a Dinotec (CF Group brand) electrolyser ensuring chlorine production of 16 g/h, to treat pools up to 80 m3. This easy-to-use solution enables 6 levels of chlorine production via a simple rotating knob and offers an automatic cover mode (connector included) to adapt production in case the shutter is closed.

Watercom Vitalia Inline

The owner of the Watercom Vitalia solution thus has a complete system to treat their pool water:

  • A Dinotec salt electrolyser with a ProCell to optimise chlorine production and a polarity inversion timer;
  • A 16.5 m3/h Vitalia Comfort sand filter in laminated polyester with a large transparent cover for visual inspection;
  • A 15 m3/h Vitalia Comfort filtration pump (single-phase);
  • A Vitalia VS speed regulator;
  • A 6-way valve;
  • An analysis and pH/redox regulation station to adjust the required dose of products to be injected;
  • A Dinodos peristaltic dosing pump;
  • The necessary 2'' hoses and connectors with pre-installed injection points.