The Hydroflex range of 150/100 reinforced membranes by APF Pool Design offers flexibility and durability, as well as resistance to tearing, distortion, ageing and temperature (33 °C for the Relief and Varnished Plain finishes, 32 °C for the Standard Plain finish). The membrane is varnished on the side that comes into contact with water to facilitate maintenance of the pool waterline. 

A flexible, durable and resistant reinforced membrane

This membrane provides professionals with comfortable conditions for welding, with an ideal welding temperature at medium speed of 450 °C, low smoke emission and excellent resistance to charring. Its advantages are also aesthetic, with a wide range of trendy colours. The Relief model comes in several styles with mineral textures: Java Stone, Dune, Etna Stone, Granite, and a new colour, Jade Stone.

Membrane armée Hydroflex Pierre de Jade

Pierre de Jade Hydroflex reinforced membrane

In the Varnished version, the reinforced PVC is also varnished on one side and comes in 8 colours: white, light grey, anthracite grey, light blue, French blue, sand, Caribbean green, and olive. This model is ideal for the construction or renovation of very large pools, overflow pools or free-shaped pools.  The same colours are offered for the Standard Plain and anti-slip (with bristles) versions.

PVC armé Hydroflex gris clair

Light grey Hydroflex reinforced PVC

Warranties include 10 years for watertightness and 4 years for stain resistance, with NF EN 15-836-2 (upper level) compliance and Class C anti-slip rating for the Relief model.