Plastipack Ltd, manufacturer of the award-winning, unique GeoBubbleTM pool cover material, has released the results of their latest product testing. They demonstrate the effectiveness of Plastipack's EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission in reducing energy costs in swimming pools.

An innovative, patented and effective solution for reducing pool costs

With the continued increase in global energy prices, alongside growing environmental concerns, maintaining an energy efficient swimming pool has become more important than ever. With this in mind, Plastipack recently tested the effectiveness of its patented EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission pool cover material in saving energy costs whilst being used in conjunction with a heat pump. 

The testing took place at Plastipack's unique on-site testing facility, consisting of 5 identical pools in the South East of England, UK. One of these 8m x 4m pools was covered with a 500 micron EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission cover, and the other left uncovered to act as a control. Both pools were heated using identical 12.5kWh heat pumps, which were on timers and set to 28°C. 

Over the course of the 16 day test in August 2022, the cost of heating the uncovered pool was £65.62 (76.48 EUR), whereas the pool covered with EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission cost just £5.64 (6.57 EUR)*, a saving of over 90%. 

Résultat des tests montrant l'économie du coût de chauffage d'une piscine couverte  avec EnergyGuard(TM) Selective Transmission

Test results showing the savings in the cost of heating a swimming pool covered with EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission

Launched in 2015, after years of testing and development in conjunction with the University of Surrey, EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission is the first swimming pool cover material proven to increase solar gains while also inhibiting algae.

In the years since its launch, testimonials from happy pool owners have shown the efficiency of the material as a winter pool cover, with customers thrilled at how quick and easy it is to get their pools ready to open once the season starts again, thanks to the material's ability to inhibit algae. 

In 2018, Plastipack's Research and Development team were awarded the Business Innovation Award from the Institute of Physics at a ceremony at The Houses of Parliament in London in recognition of the groundbreaking work that went into the development of this best-selling product. 

EneryGuardTM Selective Transmission is part of Plastipack's High Performance 'Guard' range of products, each developed to meet a particular need for pool owners. Other products in the range include Sol+GuardTM, a translucent pool cover material is designed for maximum solar gains, CoolGuardTM Ultra, wich helps keep pool water cooler in hotter climates, and RaeGuardTM,  the newest product in the range, designed for maximum heat retention. 

EnergyGuard(TM) Selective Transmission de Plastipack

EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission by Plastipack

EnergyGuardTM Selective Transmission offers an effective solution for reducing energy costs in heated pools, delivering significant savings while helping to protect the environment.

*These prices were calculated in accordance with Ofgem's Energy Price Cap in the UK, which was set at 34.0p/kWh (approximately 0.40 EUR cents at the time of publication, February 2023).