Rudy Ostlender

M. Rudy Ostlender



EuroSpaPoolNews : Mr Ostlender, what are the origins of your company?

Hydrover is an innovative company specializing in the design and production of water treatment systems using ABOT (Advanced Bipolar Oxidation Technology).  Owners of a U.S. patent published and filed in 57 countries for its proprietary hydrolysis technology, the company manufactures the OXYMATIC systems, sold in most European countries.  No matter the size of the pools in which we installed them, no matter their size, the result is the same:

they are completely free of pathogens or coliform, despite a significant reduction or even doing away with the chemicals commonly used in pools. The company is now not only well established in the private pool market, in Europe and in Spain, but also in the public pool market.

Since 2012, Hydrover has been part of the Verder Group, a multinational company specializing, among others, in the production of peristaltic pumps.

EuroSpaPoolNews : During the last pool exhibitions in which you participated, your product, Oxymatic, has aroused genuine interest on the part of professionals. What are the main advantages of this product?

The use of Oxymatic offers advantages that are economically as well as environmentally important since it allows you to significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used in pools.  Evidently, we are talking about reducing chlorinated products (or discontinuing their use), but also indirectly, the products used for pH regulation.  Also, the system being autonomous, a simple and quick check the system’s monitoring screen allows you to ensure that it is working as it should, and requires virtually no supervision.


« The use of Oxymatic
offers advantages
that are economically

as well as environmentally »


From a health point of view, the system allows you to always maintain a near minimum level of chlorinated products and thus improve the comfort of swimmers. Furthermore, the addition of pH regulating products is greatly reduced, since the chlorine present in the water also decreases and is even non-existent in the case of private pools. Thus, there is only a negligible amount of these acids and bases, which as a result further improves water quality.

Besides this, Oxymatic handles all the pool’s processing treatments: it adjusts the correct filtration time depending on the water temperature and the number of cubic metres to be treated; it regulates the pH and ORP of the water; it can automatically programme the dosage of any other product that may be necessary for the treatment of pool water such as an algaecide or flocculent; and lastly, Oxymatic can also control the heat pump, lighting and pool floor cleaner.
In short, this system is an ecological manager of all the pool’s functions. Thanks to its programming flexibility, the user can manage the pool exactly as it suits him.


EuroSpaPoolNews : What are your medium-term goals for the business development of Oxymatic? In Europe? All over the world?





Since 2011 we have mainly focused on European countries. Our product is sold in France, the Benelux countries, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Reunion Island, among others.  In the very short term, we would like to increase our presence in Germany and Britain, countries very receptive to the concept of ecological water treatment.

As regards the rest of the world, we have tentatively begun selling in Jordan, Mauritius, in several countries in South America, such as Ecuador and Mexico, and also in Africa, for instance, Morocco and the DRC.

Our goal for 2014-2015 is to consolidate our position in the countries where we are already present, especially in the hotel and municipal pools market. In the medium term, we hope to penetrate the North American market.