Creating an atmosphere: Pavilion 'creating atmospheres' at the Stuttgart-basedinterbad 2016. Daily programmes tailored to each specific target group...




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Most theorists agree that well-being arises from the interaction of many physical and emotional factors – the overall atmosphere has to be right. The modern wellness idea therefore also recognises architecture, green areas, lighting and acoustics.


The 'creating atmospheres' pavilion at the Stuttgart-based trade fair interbad (27 - 30 September) shows how one can create the "right" environment for all the senses. Following its successful début in 2014, the pavilion developed in cooperation with the Association of German Interior Designers (BDIA), the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects and the interior design firm Schienbein + Pier is now being offered for the second time.


"Free experience" with product information

The response to the first edition "for a new format was exceptional", states René Pier, Chairman of the BDIA Baden-Württemberg and co-owner of Schienbein + Pier. "This is why there is a significant increase in the area in 2016." The visit is to be designed as a "free experience": "People meet in a park with sauna facilities, outdoor pool, awning and loungers. A story is told which incidentally also provides information about the products on display."

The Waiblingen garden designer Michael Kupka is responsible for the planning and fixtures and fittings and presents a pool and a diving pool, among other things.
The world-renowned sauna manufacturer KLAFS is also on board. The big swimming pool specialist retailers in southern Germany – SHS Schmierer, Schwimmbad-Henne und Kissel – are also available to advise visitors at the special show.


Tailored to the target group: Forum and meeting place

Daily programmes with presentations and guided tours, which have been tailored to different target groups, have been put together for the accompanying forum.

For instance, Tuesday (27. 9.) is primarily dedicated to hoteliers, Wednesday (28. 9.) to sanitary, heating and air-conditioning companies, and Thursday (29. 9.) to architects and planners.
On the final exhibition day (30. 9.) the focus is on private developers and contractors.

The selection of themes is just as diverse: trends, ambience, energy saving, functionality, operator concepts. Christian Sommerhuber, President of the traditional Austrian company of the same name, speaks about depth warmth; René Pier provides an insight into digital networking in the spa area and explains "how digital technology can contribute to a feeling of comfort".

The central meeting place of the pavilion is the open area, which the BDIA Chairman colloquially calls the "picnic area". "People can get together in a relaxed atmosphere, talk to each other and exchange information and ideas before taking part in a guided tour or attending the forum together. Members of various associations can also meet each other there."


Synergy of culture and nature

Overall 'creating atmospheres' sends out an important message, adds René Pier: "The interesting thing is the crossover between what a designer creates and what nature generates. This synergy is one of the main themes in the spa area, an important international trend: to retain nature and naturalness, while at the same time to stage them in such a way as to raise an awareness of their value."