Marseille, 1973. The company Coordination Electrique Industrielle was founded - dedicated to manufacture and market of a pre-wired electrical panel for swimming pools. Does this sound familiar? What if we told you: CCEI.

CCEI celebrates  half a century of existence and reaffirms its values.

50 years later, nothing has changed. Well, almost...

50 years later, Emmanuel Baret is at the head of CCEI, which has an extensive catalog! Its expertise having expanded over time, water treatment, lighting and connected swimming pool equipment now sits alongside electrical boxes.

50 years later, still in Marseille. But not only. The company is now present in the United States, Morocco, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Tunisian, Mexico and Romania.

50 years later, are they going to take the same people and start again? Yes, but with the addition of 150 new ones around the world.

50 years on, CCEI is proud to be what it has become: a fast-growing, atypical company. More importantly, they're ready to anticipate what they're becoming: an international company focused on swimming pools and their environment.

50 years later, the Marseille-based company has been built on a new purpose: driven by committed women and men, teams located locally throughout the world, it innovates every day driven by its dynamic energy, to sustainably design and produce technologies for the swimming pool and its environment.

50 years later, a signature, as evidence: "Our energy to innovate sustainably". A new baseline inscribed under the new CCEI logo, which has undergone a total makeover in order to celebrate this half-century of existence and reaffirm its values.