The Dosaclinic Tablet is a new concept developed by Aquaclinic where the dosing of chemicals contained in the device is controlled through programming.


A cutting-edge electronic unit programmes the whole system, controls and alarms, according to the requirements of the installation, through a remote connection. 


Its electronics help to optimize filtration time based on the temperature of the water and to regulate the activation timings of the installation, to obtain significant energy savings. 


The various models allow one to either use existing external control centres, or are equipped with their own control and dosage centres, thereby benefiting from the huge advantage that comes from having the same electronics for communicating, especially with regard to proportional dosing. 

Several versions are available, from the basic model to models with built-in pH and chlorine control systems, which use the redox measuring method or act directly using amperometric or potentiostatic probes. 


The company is committed to investing in high-tech technologies for monitoring and regulating chemical products used in water treatment so as to ensure complete safety for the users and operators of swimming pools in matters of hygiene and health.