KAWANA offers professionals not only the distribution of original electrolytic cells from major manufacturers, but also a wide range of compatible cells from its own production.


Cellule Pool Rite

Pool Rite compatible cell

Cellule Zodiac

Zodiac compatible cell


It consists of a range of consumables designed to meet the needs of swimming pool specialists wishing to diversify their offer and provide an additional service to their customers.

In fact, given that the electrolysis cell, the key component of the electrolyser, could represent up to 60% of the price of an entry-level electrolyser, this solution is a competitive alternative to the original cells of major brands. They benefit from the latest technological improvements on the market, while offering consumers a wider choice in brands that they did not have access to.


This offer, delivered within short delivery times, also addresses the problems of supply, availability or obsolescence of cells encountered by swimming pool specialists.

For the 2017 season, the KAWANA cell offer includes more than 100 original and compatible replacement cells that adapt to almost fifty products in the European market. To meet the demands and evolutions of this market, this high-quality and economic range continues to expand to new brands meant for the Spanish and Eastern European market, and are distributed by a European network of over 600 resellers.

Discover the new products in the 2017 edition of the KAWANA catalogue.