The alternative solution for pool chlorinators

With over 100 cell products and more than 600 approved dealers in Europe, Kawana is THE specialist in chlorinator cells.

The cell is seen as a consumable part, yet its price can be nearly 60% of the value of a low-end chlorinator. Individuals therefore spend very little time thinking about their purchase of a cell.

The same advantages as the original cells

Kawana offers a wide range of compatible cells with all the advantages of the original cells:

  • They do not change the original installation
  • They have the same features (self-cleaning, sensor, etc)
  • They produce the exact same amount of chlorine as the original cell
  • They do not affect the service life of the other components installed.

Developments and improvements

Certain Kawana compatible cells even include developments or improvements, such as Long Life technology which increases the service life of the cell by replacing the titanium grills with plates. 

This manufacturer even goes the extra mile by including improvements in the electrical connection in order to make it easier to assemble or even by replacing glued machined parts with injected plastic sleeves to make them stronger. 

A sustainable development approach

Compatible cells are therefore a real alternative to original consumable parts. This offer, along with the cells' great value for money, is part of a sustainable development approach that has been close to Kawana's heart for many years.