The galloping progress of the renovation market demands the revamping of pool equipment and consumables.  A boon for pool specialists who can diversify their offers and expect a significant additional turnover. 


To this end, the KAWANA electrolysis cell manufacturer has been developing a wide range of compatible cells over the past few years, offering solutions to professionals in terms of supply, availability and cell obsolescence.


Cellule Kawana- électrolyseur de sel piscine Cellule Kawana- électrolyseur de sel piscine



This offer enables them to propose an economical replacement of these consumables for most chlorinators on the market and makes available a wide choice of brands for the end customers.

The spare cells on offer have been carefully studied to meet the following criteria:

• Physical: same length, same width and identical number of plates as the original cell, so as not to alter the point of installation on the hydraulic circuit.

• Same features: self-cleaning, with sensors, etc.

• Chlorine production equal to the original cell: determined by the quality of titanium, the surface of the plates (and the quality of the coating).

• Service life of the component preserved: the cell supplied should not adversely affect the life of the electronics cabinet and should adapt to its operating ranges.

Today, the KAWANA product offer represents more than 100 original and compatible cell references for a network of 600 dealers across Europe.  In order to meet the requirements and developments in the European markets, its range of compatible cells will continue to expand, during the season, with new brands for the Spanish market.