The new MASTER-INVERTER heat pumps range 

An automatic power control system

POLYTROPIC presents us with its new MASTER-INVERTER heat pump, which comes with R32 refrigerant and can boast extremely low noise levels. 

It differs from the competing Inverter heat pumps thanks to its automated power control, which adjusts according to the water and ambient temperature. This exclusive system allows you to stabilise the power used by the device and therefore ensure high COP ratings throughout the whole of the swimming season, whilst remaining silent for most of the time.

3 operating modes 

The user can choose between 3 operating modes depending on the situation: BOOST, using between 85% and 100% of power, SMART, where the power and noise levels adjust automatically depending on the outdoor temperature and that of the water, and ECO-Silence, which aims for a better COP rating and noise level performance by promoting energy savings. 

To ensure such levels of performance, the heat pump is equipped with an electronic pressure regulator, an exchanger made out of coiled titanium, a Full DC Inverter 2D compressor, and an evaporator that has undergone "Blue Fin" processing. 

The extent of the range

It can operate down to -15°C thanks to its exclusive "low-temperature" system, which protects it  from the cold and is equipped with a fast cycle-inversion de-icing system. 

It is compatible with the Polyconnect system, through which it can be remotely controlled and managed. Seven models are available depending on the size of the pool to be heated: from the Master-Inverter XS to the Master-Inverter L+. 

Polytropic heat pumps are guaranteed for 3 or 5 years with a call-out service from a technician to your site if needed.