The Italian company FAVARETTI, designs and makes pool safety covers that meet all needs. It has also developed the MyFavaretti mobile app that lets you manage a pool cover as well as any connected equipment in the pool, garden and home automation system. Compatible with all mobile devices, this app can be offered to your customers so they can remotely manage any connected equipment at home.

Remotely control the pool cover

With the MyFavaretti mobile app, it is very easy to control the opening and closing of the pool cover. Users can manage the activation of their safety equipment without moving from a smartphone or tablet.

Manage your swimming pool with ease

By using the app, pool owners can remotely check their pool settings: water quality (pH, temperature, etc). They can even connect a camera to monitor their pool as the cover rolls out. If there are any problems, such as a blocked pump, insufficient salt or anything else, they will receive an alert on the mobile app.

Control garden equipment 

The MyFavaretti app also lets you manage your garden. Watering and floodlights can be controlled with ease.

Manage home automation 

Last but not least, owners can choose to connect other control systems for their home equipment. Home automation can therefore be controlled from the app, so you can remotely control indoor lighting, heating, alarms, etc., with a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. 

The MyFavaretti mobile app making its world début at the Piscine Global 2018 trade show