Pool products that respect the environment and the health of the user

Free of boric acid and ortho-Tolidine

In more than 130 years of company history, Lovibond® has been repeatedly awarded for innovative ideas and pioneering new developments.
Most recently for your own sustainable "Green Chemistry".
The coveted "Golden Wave" innovation prize thus praises the absence of the harmful ingredients boric acid and ortho-tolidine in favor of sustainable and equally effective alternatives.
This makes Lovibond® a pioneer in the pool industry and sets trends in reagent production for water analysis. 

The range of ecological reagents for Lovibond® pool water measuring devices

With Lovibond®, pool fun is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and healthy all round.
The measuring devices ensure reliable results as the basis for the perfect dosing of the hygiene products.
With Green Chemistry, the necessary reagents also protect the health of users and swimmers, protect the environment and boast proven durability and effectiveness. 

logo Green Chemistry Lovibond reactifs analyse eau piscine

Green Chemistry logo

Meanwhile, the company continues on the innovative green path.
Its own research and development continuously improves the chemical recipes in the Lovibond® portfolio.
Incidentally, the family company is also unique in the production of reagents.
Here the reagents come as tablets, as a liquid product or as powder in all dosage forms from our own production - for generations.