The DEL brand by CF Group combines environmental protection and aesthetics. Thanks to the roller cover, pool heat loss can be minimised and up to 80% energy saved.

CF Group combines environmental protection and aesthetics

Various rolling devices for above-ground or underfloor assembly

Polycarbonate solar slats are used, which also create a heating effect. DEL offers various rolling devices for above-ground or underfloor assembly, thanks to which the cover can also be optimally integrated into the swimming pool project in terms of aesthetics.

The slats comply with French quality standard NFP 90-308 and the patented system with different sized detachable and exchangeable end caps makes it possible to change individual slats easily. The comprehensive offer includes the following three types of roller covers:

The «ROLL-ENERGY» cover is suitable for new constructions and renovations of all types of pools. It can be assembled without the need for any structural alterations thanks to mounting flanges with single cable entry, is maintenance-friendly and watertight. The tubular motor is underwater.

The «ROLL-IN» cover is for large block-walled swimming pools up to 10 m wide and 20 m long. It is easy to install and use and has a reliable and powerful drive. The motor's installation in a dry shaft simplifies maintenance and repairs.

The above-ground «TIXIT» cover has a new design that enhances every garden. It is designed for pools measuring from 2 x 3 m to 5 x 13.5 m. There is a choice of three colours for the console. The electric model has ambient lighting to create a further focal point. The solar model is designed specifically for renovation purposes as no cable laying is involved.