Among the latest DEL products in the 2015 catalogue, is the new 75/100e INDUSTRIA liner in the Protect33 range, with technical features that render it highly resistant to chlorine, UV rays, aging and stains. It is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 33°C without deformation and offers a 15-year water-tightness guarantee.




DEL is also launching its exclusive polycarbonate slats that conform to safety standards and are guaranteed for 5 years.


The fruit of four years of research and testing, these polycarbonate solar slats are highly resistant to impact, hail and heat, and are suitable for aboveground pool covers.


They are available in several colours that complement the existing range: black / crystal, crystal blue, green crystal, brown crystal and crystal.






As for the Wi-key remote control box, is now a «standard» feature of the Ultima Cover covers.

It enables the transmission of information for opening/closing the pool using digital wireless communication, for all the DEL automatic shutters and covers.

No connections or cables are required at all to use this waterproof remote control, which can be locked with a security code.