Cubic presents its new Leise Series heat pump features which are designed to minimize noise and provide ultra-quiet operation. These features are powered by CUBIC SILENCE TECH and Inver-CORE TECH. 

New Leise Series heat pump features powered by CUBIC SILENCE TECH and Inver-CORE TECH

With the CUBIC SILENCE TECH the noise level of the heat pump is very low due to its low-speed operation and large volume of feed-wind fan. By dividing the speed of the fan in half compared to other fans available on the market, the mechanical noise produced by the fan engine and the noise of the wind is reduced. In the meantime, it can provide sufficient airflow volume to make heat exchange to ensure high energy efficiency. The patented air duct design allows sufficient airflow to be sucked and discharged without any resistance to maintain efficiency especially in low-temperature environments. 

The variable speeds, power mode, smart mode and silent mode, also help run the system more efficiently and make the heat pumps achieve a high C.O.P. The WIFI remote control allows the user to operate and control the heat pump remotely from anywhere and at any time from a smartphone.

Leise Performance Characteristics 

Note: All data below has been provided by a certified international testing laboratory 

  • Noise (Smart Mode)
    • 1m Distance - 34.9-45 dB(A) - Comparable to a running refrigerator 
    • 10m Distance - 15.2-25.1 dB(A) - Virtually silent 
  • COP (Smart Mode) 
    • A26/W26/Humid. 80% COP: 7.3-15.8 
    • A15/W26/Humid. 70%COP: 5.4-8.1 

Cubic Electrical Appliance Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps. They have been supplying heat pumps to middle and high-end markets overseas for over 13 years. Their goal is to continually improve their designs for optimal performance and reliability by investigating and evaluating the latest technology to best serve their customers.