Cubic' Swimming pool on/off Heat Pumps for cooling and heating water

Cubic Electrical offers a wide range of heat pumps coming to fit all heating requirements, whether for private or commercial swimming pools. The company has been established since 2008 and serves markets in Europe, Middle East, United States, South Africa and Australia. 

Cubic's most profitable and popular on/off swimming pool Heat pump

The Vortex series heat pumps - by Cubic Electrical Appliance - have both cooling and heating functions with an auto-defrost mode. The heat pump has a stylish ABS thermoformed housing with a LED controller. It is one of the most popular heat pumps from Cubic and announced with a cost-effective price.

Inside components and optimizer that save energy

The Vortex series only uses a Name-Brand Compressor and spiral titanium heat exchanger. The shape of spiral titanium tube winding in the exchanger maximizes heat transfer to the swimming pool water.  As a result of this robust heat exchanger design, Cubic heat exchangers provide optimum reliability and safety. 

The Cubic Twisted Ti - heat exchanger is made from pure titanium and is visually impervious to water-chemistry damage. It also features a reasonable surface design that maximizes surface contact of pool water, providing high performance.

Cubic Twisted Ti heat exchanger in Vortex pool heat pump series

Cubic Twisted Ti heat exchanger of the Vortex pool heat pumps

The Vortex series maximizes energy efficiency to achieve a COP of 6.1.

Extending swimming season and saving money

The Vortex series ensures comfortable swimming conditions down to an outdoor temperature of -7° C, extending the users' swimming season by months. Its unique design with a simple controller makes operation a breeze. 

Other series are manufactured by Cubic Electrial, such as Supreme Heat Pump with the optimum performance of the Full DC Inverter technology, also the Eco Star+ Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump, and the Cubic iQ Swimming Pool Heat Pumps with attractive design...