Health and Safety Guideline 282 (HSG282) came into effect in early 2017. The main aim for the introduction was to reduce the risk of Legionella outbreaks associated with spas and hot tubs. 

How to be sure you are HSG282 Compliant?

The guideline covers all spas and hot tubs in a commercial setting i.e. all those hired out and used by more than one party. It does not include spas used in a purely domestic situation. Section 5 of the guideline focusses on water testing with the following emphasis: 

  • Reducing the risk of Legionella and microbiological contamination 
  • Emphasizing that this is the operator's responsibility 
  • Ensuring testing is frequent and planned (at least three times a day) 
  • Highlighting that results should be recorded 
  • Stressing that there should be a written action plan if required

The Lovibond Photometer Kit will measure all the required tests

The Lovibond® Professional Pool and Spa Photometer Kit enables the operator to measure all the tests mentioned in HSG282 from one case. Contained within the kit is an MD 100 Professional Photometer for the measurement of chlorine, bromine and pH and an SD 80 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Pen. Importantly the kit measures both chlorine and bromine so, if different disinfectants are used across the site, the same kit will cover both.

Free HSG282 Training Course

Each HSG282 test kit purchased receives access to Lovibond's free online Training Course.
The training course covers:

  • What is HSG282
  • What to test for and why
  • Correct Sampling  
  • Overview of pH, TDS, Chlorine & Bromine 
  • How to use photometers, comparators & TDS Pens.

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