By offering turbine-powered counter-current systems, BINDER sets itself apart from conventional pump-powered systems . They are not only very powerful, but also energy-saving and offer a variety of training options.

Turbine-powered counter-current systems generating a broad and powerful flow

Thanks its patented turbine technology, even well-trained competitive swimmers can hardly compete with the broad and powerful flow of the HydroStar turbine swimming system. Turbines are used to generate a broad, powerful flow rate. The flow is even and carries the body so that swimmers can concentrate fully on their technique.

Moreover, HydroStar does not produce any disruptive splashing and its power consumption is up to 80 per cent lower than that of pump-powered counter-current systems.

For new pools or existing installations

While HydroStar was developed for installation in new pools, the EasyStar retrofit system is ideal for existing ones. The installation of both systems is extremely space-saving. In addition, both offer the same performance and can be installed by specialist retailers with little effort. They can be conveniently controlled by remote control, piezo switch or with the BINDER24 app. This also offers the option of creating individual training programmes or running the pre-configured exercise units. 

The BINDER24 app is available for devices with the Android and iOS operating systems (Google Play Store or App Store). A paid app controller is required for use. BINDER24 runs not only on tablets and smartphones, but also on the Apple smartwatch. Versions for other manufacturers' smartwatches are in preparation.

Anyone who would like to test the counter-current systems from BINDER can sign up for a free trial swim with no obligation.