With a few simple steps, results with the accuracy of laboratory instruments are now available using a portable solution. And in the lab, water samples with low and high turbidity ranges can be detected without dilutions. With the new TB350 from Lovibond®, users in drinking water applications, environmental analysis and laboratories become more flexible than ever.

Pool water turbidity meter with laboratory accuracy

The everyday challenges of turbidity measurements, such as inaccuracies due to stray light, complicated handling and time-consuming calibration, are now eliminated. The TB350 is the most advanced portable turbidimeter on the market - with brand new technology, unprecedented measuring range and unsurpassed accuracy.

The patented 90° BLAC® sensor technology

Multipath 90° BLAC® is the new, patented sensor technology. It makes the TB350 unique and the most versatile turbidimeter combining laboratory accuracy in a portable instrument. The special feature: Highest accuracy is guaranteed in the lowest turbidity range from 0.01 NTU and also maintains the outstanding precision level in the highest turbidity range up to 4,000 NTU.  

The recently developed optical system works with two ingeniously arranged 90° detectors detectors and thus ensures a purely nephelometric measuring principle (measures light scattered at 90° angle to incident light). During the turbidity measurement, two different path lengths of the incident light beam through the sample are cleverly exploited. Various particle sizes and shapes are thus detected with the highest measurement accuracy - even where the particle size distribution deviates from the calibration standard. 

The novel BLAC® technology stands for Backscattered Light Absorbing Cavity. The light-absorbing trap almost completely eliminates unwanted stray light and provides extremely accurate results for low turbidities down to 0.01 NTU.  

Utilisation du TB350 turbidimètre eau piscine Lovibond

Using Lovibond's TB350 Turbidimeter

TB350 solves problems with calibration and contact with harmful chemicals

The new sensor technology was specifically designed by a team of world-renowned turbidity experts to solve common user problems in turbidity measurement. Easy-to-read colour touch screen and straightforward data management protocols ensure easy handling. Animated instructions guide through each step of the sampling in order to avoid operation errors. This makes the instrument intuitive and quick to understand, even for inexperienced users. A customised measuring mode for fast settling particles, the "Fast Settling Mode", complements the outstanding instrument performance. It increases the accuracy of the turbidity readings for large and heavy particles from 20 NTU, but especially in the high measuring range up to 4,000 NTU.  

The TB350 makes calibration and verification procedures, which are otherwise quite complicated in turbidity measurement, easier than ever before. Formazin-based T-CAL® primary solutions are safely sealed in airtight vials and can be used immediately. Possible errors due to user preparation or dilution of standards are thus prevented and contact with harmful chemicals is avoided.

The new TB350, available as an infrared or white light version, is compliant with valid ISO 7027 and US EPA (pending) regulations and standards.