Polytropic the specialist in heat pumps and pool dehumidifiers unveiled several product innovations this year at Piscine Global Europe.

The new CARE290 heat pump

Committed to a global sustainable approach, the designer-manufacturer has developed a complete new range of heat pumps running on R32 the low environmental impact fluid. Polytropic is now going even further by anticipating the implementation of future regulations (banning R32 in 2025 in Europe), gradually replacing the R32 fluid, which has proved to be a transitional heat pump gas.

R290 with its very low GWP*, certainly the future standard in this field (better known as «propane», with a GWP of 3 vs 675 for R32), is used in the new CARE290 heat pump. This has been developed by the company's R&D department to optimise the Full Inverter technology, combined with R290, a natural and ecological refrigerant that also has better thermal properties.

The new CARE290 heat pump boasts a housing in 70% recycled ABS and, thanks to the new fluid, combined with the compatibility with the PolySolar Energy System (photovoltaic panel kit), offers high energy efficiency, while being environmentally friendly. As an environmentally friendly equipment, it will contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of pool heating.

*GWP: Global Warming Potential, or GWP - Global Warming Potential, in relation to the greenhouse gas effect.