An innovative and patented solution developed by APF Pool Design. Not only is the Autofix 2.0 innovative, it also looks attractive, which certainly can't hurt anything! This 100% automatic pool safety device is above all very practical because it enables the cover to be locked and unlocked via magnetic action and thus without human intervention.

A 100% French and patented innovation to easily secure the pool

No need for an electrical installation: the system is fitted with discreet magnets and magnetic receivers, one of which is fixed to the slat at the extremity of the shutter, and the other to the pool wall (under the liner or reinforced membrane). 

Entirely autonomous, the pool is secured effortlessly. Autofix 2.0 fits discreetly into the thickness of the last slat of the cover panel, in the same colour, and thus does not disturb the appearance of the pool environment. The device can be installed both during construction or renovation, on underwater automatic covers (as well as on the Pool Success and Pool Diving). It is perfectly compatible with remote control via the APF Connect application thanks to the Cover Control module. To see it in operation, there is a presentation video on the dedicated web site: