The Brand New Wellis Hot Tub Range perfectly combines energy efficiency with on trend aesthetics. New design, new solutions, new insulation system. All of these spas offer a premium and luxury experience and benefit from the same attention in sustainability and environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies. 

New design, new solutions, new insulation system for the brand new range of Wellis spas

The development engineers have rethought almost every aspect of Wellis spas and have created a unique new range with 61 patents and their own innovations, including energy efficiency. In their manufacture, they naturally give priority to standards based on sustainability and environmentally friendly technologies. 

Both products in the Life category, Peak and CityLife, have been given a new Scandinavian insulation and a concealed heat pump, which is the optimum solution for reducing energy demand. By combining the power of the two older models' massage motors, energy consumption during use has been radically improved. It is a testament to the ingenuity of the Wellis development team that they were able to halve the energy consumption of the company's best performing spa currently on the market, with a daily consumption of 6 kW. 

The newly developed OZMIX system has also improved the disinfection efficiency of the spas. Thanks to the mixing chambers, the new generation spas are 20 percent more efficient than previous models without mixing chambers. Wellis' durability tests have also shown that OZMIX kills the most bacteria of any disinfection system on the market. 

OZMIX de Wellis


In addition to innovative technology, the manufacturer's development team has also excelled in the design elements. The side panels and redesigned massage jets give the new spas an ultra-modern look that could become a jewel in the home as the home massage experience becomes more prevalent. Wellis is at the forefront of this too, playing a leading role in shaping global massage spa trends, alongside a consistent and strong commitment to sustainability.