The Hungarian spa manufacturer's recognition is continuously growing

A family business turned into a large enterprise

Since 2010 - when the first hot tub rolled off the production line in Dabas - Wellis has been making efforts every day to ensure that its hot tubs meet the highest standards of quality. During the past few years, the family business has grown into a large enterprise employing 650 persons, while managing to retain its family-like character. In addition, thanks to its committed team, Wellis has since provided over 50,000 families with Hungarian hot tubs.

The Hungarian company had major milestones every 5 years. Its own private brand in 2005, the construction of the first manufacturing hall in 2010, then the second in 2015 -- and now over 5,000 tubs rolling of the manufacturing lines every year. But 2020 has superseded it all. Brand recognition has grown significantly from year to year, the production capacity reached 15,000 pieces per year and today the construction of a new manufacturing unit has become absolutely necessary.

A new site in Ózd to increase its production capacity

October 2020 means another milestone in the history of Wellis. Increasing its capacity in Ózd, Hungary with a manufacturing area of 29,000 m2, ensures employment for a further 800 persons! 

  • The project is implemented within the framework of a 24 million EUR investment, with non-refundable financing of 8 million EUR provided by the government.
  • The new production hall is equipped with high-tech from Western Europe, to ensure the most modern methods of tub production!
  • At the new site to be opened in 2021, Wellis will provide high-quality job opportunities to over 800 new colleagues, which will ensure the livelihood of additional 4,000 persons!

In this way, the Hungarian company will be working with its 1,500 employees at the manufacturing units in Dabas and Ózd in the future to manufacture -- as one of the top producers in the world -- as many as 70,000 hot tubs annually.  Beyond the borders of Europe, Wellis already represents the Hungarian brand in the United States -the homeland of hot tubs- and will make efforts in the coming years to become the number one manufacturer in the world.