The new PM 630 from The Tintometer® Group introduces data management and wireless Bluetooth® data transmission to the PM 600 series of photometers.


Now, results can be transferred quickly and easily to smartphones and tablets.

The system is further enhanced by the free Lovibond® App, AquaLX®, enabling the immediate review, process and evaluation of measured results directly


Data trends can be monitored with easy-to-view graphical displays.


Any fluctuation to expected results is immediately visible and instant action can be taken. 


AquaLX® compliments the Langelier Index App, PoolM8, which negates the need for complex calculations for balanced water.


By simply entering the results of the parameters, the App automatically determines and displays the results, which can then be saved to create a history, and, again, shared via email.

Both Lovibond® Apps are available for Android and iOS and are free to download from the respective stores.