This season at the Piscine Global Europe trade fair, ASCOMAT is presenting Rainbow Spas, a brand new range of spas that it has designed, manufactured and now markets. The range consists of three models with innovative design and style.

Tonic, a 3-person spa, is called « A sparkling experience », Elixir promises « A fountain of youth » for 5 people, and Cocktail reveals the « Ingredient for happiness » for 6 people, including one lying down.

These high-end spas, which have been designed to precise specifications, are the result of extensive experience in the field of wellness. Sleek, refined lines and carefully designed angles highlight their style, which is confirmed by a water droplet pattern that has been thoughtfully employed in the spa’s design.


Tonic (3 people)

Spa Elixir Ascomat

Elixir ( 5 people)

Spa Cocktail ASCOMAT

Cocktail (6 people)

The depths of the seating and leg room of each of the seats varies in order to adapt to different users. Each silhouette can thus enjoy a powerful and efficient hydromassage year round with an appropriate level of immersion.

The equipment will also delight the most demanding customers: latest generation Balboa® electronics (BP unit, Spa Touch 2 control panel), chromotherapy located in the most subtle places to fully benefit from the pleasures of light, anti-slip floor, interior steps, covering equipped with «clip & go» (screwless) panels and angles for aesthetics and simplified access.

In addition, the 3 models of spas are equipped with an entrance/exit system that enables exterior filtration (e.g. Palbox type), as well as a heat pump. This design element provides for serene spa maintenance.
Each model offers its share of surprises and features, beginning with a wide variety of massages.




Salon Piscine Global Europe

To be discovered at Piscine Global Europe in Lyon