The mobile hand-held measuring instruments of the SD 305 series from Lovibond® are ideal tools for the professional experts in water analysis, where conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH and redox potential are important parameters. 

The mobile hand-held measuring instruments of the SD 305 series: optimised design with easy operation

An improved, more practical and more functional series 

The new and improved SD 305 series is now available. New names in a modernised design with many practical innovations - even more practical, functional and offering even better value.  With clear illustrative instructions in 8 languages the SD 305 series provides users a very quick "click to results" with a simplified menu structure and a new clearer keyboard design. The new meters also features a new electrode holder with a slimmer design, which holds the electrode so securely that one-handed operation is made easy.

Other features: sensor self-diagnosis, data logger including alarm function, PC interface, pressure compensation and recognition of standard solutions included. With the new SD series devices, the results are faster even during long-term measurements. The range consists of 3 models: SD 305 pH (pH, Redox, Temperature), SD 315 Oxi (oxygen concentration, oxygen saturation, temperature) and SD 325 Con (conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, temperature).

The new SD 335 Multi with 2 electrode holders has also recently been added to the range, combining the analysis of the following parameters: pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity and dissolved oxygen (concentration/saturation). The data can be transferred via micro-USB in csv format.