VÁGNER POOL offers solutions that are specially designed for customers who demand efficiency, savings and respect for the environment.

Efficient, economical and environmentally friendly solutions

Taking into account the ecological aspect of the swimming pool in all phases

The environmental aspect of the pool must be taken into account from the project design phase. It starts with a polystyrene block construction that correctly insulates the pool, as well as a high-quality AVfol covering. The stainless steel embedded elements then durably enhance the style of the pool. An adapted filter, associated with an ecological filtering pump, such as the SMART Preva, provides energy savings when completed with a Pool or iSaver+ frequency converter. For water treatment, the VA SALT SMART makes it possible to automatically dose chlorine production by salt electrolysis, and the VA DOS does the same for classic treatment products for other pools.  

Not to mention a modern Inverter heat pump for effective heating, to choose among the RAPID or NORM models, operating on more environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant gas, which meets the most exacting European environmental standards. VÁGNER POOL also manufactures its own electric heat exchangers.   

To avoid heat loss: the slatted cover or solar tarpaulin is associated with a stainless steel roller manufactured by the company.   

The pool can then be equipped with an intelligent VArio system to control, monitor and also to configure the pool remotely from any location, including for water heating and the dosing of treatment products. VArio also enables pool technicians to remotely access these features for diagnosis or remote assistance. 

VÁGNER POOL continues to reinforce its position on the market 

VÁGNER POOL, manufacturer, distributor and international wholesaler for pool technologies, with 27 years of experience, is celebrating its 3rd anniversary on the German market this year. Offices dedicated to the German, Swiss and Austrian markets opened near Stuttgart in 2019, with the objective of bringing the company closer to its local customers.