With their river-like flow, the counter-current systems from BINDER create a true holiday feeling and can be integrated into almost any shape of pool. 

Pure relaxation 

Whether concrete, stainless steel or plastic, one-piece pools or swimming ponds, the turbine-powered counter-current systems from BINDER are suitable for a wide range of pool types. They offer the perfect conditions for endurance swimming, fitness and wellness exercises or happily splashing about. The wide powerful flow keeps the body in balance and does not produce splashing.

HydroStar and EasyStar

Binder has the HydroStar stationary turbine swimming system in its range especially for new pools. It can not only be installed by specialist retailers much faster than conventional systems, but also requires significantly less space. The EasyStar retrofit system is available for installation in existing pools. It has the same performance and functions as HydroStar and can be attached to the edge of the pool by a specialist in just a few steps.

BINDER makes its counter-current units in various designs with flow rates from 160 m3 to 1,200 m3 per hour. The turbine swimming systems are conveniently operated by remote control, piezo button or via the BINDER24 app for Android and iOS. 

It's just as easy to keep the turbines up and running. Their plain bearings are lubricated by the water and therefore require virtually no maintenance. The energy efficiency of the counter-current systems is also remarkable: they consume 50 to 80 per cent less electricity than comparable pump-powered systems.

These turbine swimming systems have already been awarded numerous prizes. Those interested can sign up for a free trial swim with no obligation.