SIREM is a French company that designs, manufactures and markets industrial motorisation solutions and pumps, notably for the swimming pool industry. In 2020 and 2021, this expertise and know-how enabled them to launch the A and S models of their Swimeo range of counter-current swimming turbines.

The Swimeo range of counter-current swimming turbines

After revealing the S model, designed for renovation projects and existing pools, the manufacturer has unveiled its Swimeo training application. This enables sports enthusiasts to compose their own training programmes with power workouts followed by phases of rest. The application thus reproduces the conditions of fractioned training thanks to the variation in speed, interspersed by fun swimming sessions.

An application for the Swimeo range with a tool for swimming athletes

This application completes the Swimeo range with a tool for swimming athletes who wish to improve their mental condition and endurance to prepare for competition, notably triathlons and open water swimming events.

For the record, the S model is an entirely covered turbine with a modern design and rounded lines that are easy to integrate. The position of the inlets and the shape of the hydrodynamic appendices have been designed to offer the best possible comfort/performance ratio. As for the A model, it is proposed to pool builders who wish to incorporate a counter-current swimming turbine into their pool offer.

Swimeo A-model

Swimeo A-model

Present for 20 years in the pool sector, Sirem specialises in the design and manufacture of motorised solutions for wet or submerged environments. The company owns three brands related to the world of swimming pools and well-being: Coveo - motors for submerged and above-ground safety covers; Aquafit Technologie - hydro-active cabins for aquabiking; and Swimeo - counter-current swimming turbines for pools.